Art and business can be an odd mix . The creative person can seem risky and unpredictable to the business minded. While the business person can seem dry and stiff to the artist. Greater Nashville is full of individuals who embrace both art and business. 

Frontier regularly assists musicians, songwriters, managers, agents, and other industry insiders with investments and financial needs. Our white-glove service, local roots and boutique style, make us a reliable and comfortable partner for many in the industry.

Music industry individuals often experience uneven cash flows, hectic schedules, and maintain a “give me the bottom line” attitude. We deliver personalized portfolios to meet each client’s unique needs and risk tolerance levels and report to them in a manner that fits their lifestyle.

My income fluctuates. How do I manage this so I don’t end up so stressed?


Uneven income can be a challenge – turn it into a blessing.

  • Identify your total monthly expenses.
  • Create an overflow account for everything above and beyond covering those expenses plus a reasonable cushion.
  • Account will grow over time as contributions continue and then it can be accessed to support you during any lean months all while being invested in a growth oriented model portfolio.


I get too many statements and thick quarterly reports. Is there a way to have everything in one place – so I can easily keep track?

Streamlining and consolidation – these themes will lead the conversation aimed at removing the headache from the river of statements and reports. You will have access to a single online dashboard for all your accounts. With one call/text/email to Frontier, you can have further information packaged and delivered in a clear and simple manner.

What happens if I end up a “free agent” for a while?

We can help you evaluate your resources and help you with a protective strategy. Do you have enough liquidity? Do you have enough in your emergency fund?

When will I be able to retire and what does that look like?

Our software can model different retirement scenarios so you can evaluate today’s decisions with tomorrow in view. We can run “if/then” models to give you options and confidence in moving forward.


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